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The European Events Corporation is a company formed to promote & produce The Moscow State Circus.

The new production Gostinitsa is a rapturous and passionate new circus experience that unites the Moscow State Circus with the glorious Golden Age of Hollywood a show that promises to have all the spectacle and nerve-tingling, edge of your seat feats for the whole family.


The astonishing artistes featured in this show have spent their lives training for this world-beating, magnificent performance, which promises to be truly breathtaking.


The Moscow State Circus is a magical experience for people of all ages coming together to witness some fantastically unbelievable acts.


Award winning Clowns the Chervotkins Duo, will guide you through the Hotel of Curiosities. Featuring performances including acrobatics on Europe’s only double Russian swings, hurtling through the air and somersaulting impossibly from one rapid moving swing to the other. An incredible sight to behold!


The marvelous Alikhanov Troupe features three acrobats climbing and spinning to the very top of two ten metre poles balanced on the single shoulder of one man.


You will also observe unicycling, foot juggling, trapeze, high wire and of course the unforgettable Gostinitsa bellboys performing an incredible skipping act with a twist not to be missed!   


The European Events Corporation is the company that promotes & produces the following shows:-

Moscow State Circus
Circus of Horrors
Continental Circus Berlin
Extreme stunt Show
Circus on Ice





The European Events Corporation
P.O.Box 4538
SW19 8XU

Media & Bookings :- John

Outdoor Advertising and Tour Coordinator :- Anthony

On Tour Manager :- Paul



I’m privileged to have seen these fabulous entertainers, the country should be privileged to have them here.’ 
Coventry Evening Telegraph.

‘Genuinely eye popping’  The Evening Standard.
‘Thrilling’  The Times.

‘Manages to marry the traditional with the contemporary, yet still retain everything you would expect and more’ 
Liverpool Echo.



Bloody Good Fun
Time Out


A Bloody Good Night Out. 



‘I loved it & I’m sure the royal family would love to watch this’.
Simon Cowell.

‘Fantastic, that’s what I call entertainment’.
David Hasselhoff.

Freaky, Funny, Shocking & Sexy


‘You have to go & see this, with all these crazy acts, one day something will go wrong & you want to be able to say, you were there when it did’.
Graham Norton.

Bloody Marvelous    
Edinburgh Festival Review


Completely Wowed The Audience. 



‘Totally Unbelievable’
Scott Mills, Radio 1

‘It's like The Rocky Horrors show, but on acid’
Amanda Holden.